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In recent years, natural gas drilling operations have extended throughout New York and Pennsylvania, and are now growing more prevalent in the Ohio Valley Area.  Today, we are seeing companies coming into Belmont County, and surrounding counties and towns, to gain drilling rights.  Landowners are now confronted with making decisions that will impact them and their families for quite some time.  We would like to offer the people of our area a helping hand in making these life changing choices.  We are committed to providing guidance and advice to help protect your liability as well as your surface rights.  And, from our experience and investigations, we realize that a large group of owners working together will have a favorable impact on negotiations with the gas drilling industry.

We are sure that everyone would like to have the best possible results when it comes to being paid for their natural gas rights.  This can have a dramatic effect on you and your family for many years to come.  So, be sure that you have a knowledgeable consultant on your side.  You need to protect yourself as well as your land while investing in your future.  The Eastern Ohio Utica Group LLC is dedicated to doing just that.

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