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 The Eastern Ohio Utica Group, LLC continues to accept enrollment forms for properties in eastern Ohio.  Although, we cannot guarantee an oil and gas lease for all parcels at this time, we are working hard to get everyone into a good lease agreement.

Please be cautious if you are approached individually by a land agent.  We recommend that you obtain some legal advise before signing any documents.  Most of the lease agreement being offered at this time are very favorable to the industry and not so to the landowner.  Be sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions  of any lease agreement prior to signing.  And, do not rely on any verbal explanations from the land agent.



You can register your land with us by clicking on the "Registration Form" tab to the right of this page.

Thank you for support of our group!



Many of the leases negotiated through our landowner group are approaching the expiration date of the initial term.  This was a five year term with the company having the option to renew the lease for another five year term.  Most of our leases have been assigned to a company other than the original lease holder.  The current operator will renew those leases that are needed for their planned drilling operations.  Otherwise, the landowner may not be renewed and the lease will terminate.  Those individuals will be released from the contract and are free to negotiate a lease with another company of their choosing.

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